Dockerfile for Team Fortress 2 server

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Team Fortress 2 + Docker


By default image is build with enabled autoupdate feature (take a look at file). You can create new Dockerfile based on that image (FROM tf2) and customize it with plugins, configs, CMD and ENTRYPOINT instructions.

# Build image and tag it as tf2
docker build -t tf2

# Run image with default options (CMD in Dockerfile)
docker run -d -p 27015:27015/udp tf2

# Run image with custom options
docker run -d -p 27015:27015/udp tf2 +sv_pure 2 +map ctf_2fort.bsp +maxplayers 32

# Run image with custom config
docker run -d -p 27015:27015/udp -v ~/server.cfg:/home/tf2/hlserver/tf2/tf/cfg/server.cfg:ro tf2

Why this image is not on the public docker hub?

I personaly don't like idea of downloading binary executable blob that runs in a daemon with root permissions on my server. Docker is far from being secure (at least at the current moment). So building your own image is much better option in that sense.

Also this image is quiet heavy (~ 6.2 Gb) and with current hub speeds I don't have patience to upload it. It might be possible that downloading tf2 server from steam is faster then downloading image from docker hub.

Again I strive to use my own images (FROM scratch), so no plans on uploading this to hub right now.