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Website for , See it in action

The website uses markdown and some css to build the HTML pages.


  • Uses markdown2 to turn the markdown into HTML
  • Separate Header and Footer pages allow for easy theme changes
  • pygments used for code highlighting.


  • Pull down the code
  • Install the requirements
  • Generate the website
  • Start the SimpleHTTPServer
$ git clone
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python
$ cd web
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer

  • src contains markdown and css files that are generated into HTML
  • theme contains the header and footer files that are already HTML
  • the code that reads in the src files and turns the into HTML
  • settings contains settings like where the src files are and where are the going
  • A horrible hack to generate the pages and restart nginx
  • A horrible hack to generate the pages, ship them to my web server and restart nginx


  • Replace and with a fabric script
  • Add Tags or Topics to blog posts.
  • Work out a way to support lots of blog posts ( re-work /src/blog/ )