Couchbase Python client library (official)

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Couchbase Python Client

Client for Couchbase_.

.. image::

.. note::

This is the documentation for the 2.x version of the client. This is
mostly compatible with the older version. Please refer to the
*release12* branch for the older version.

Building and Installing

This only applies to building from source. If you are using a Windows
installer then everything (other than the server) is already included.
See below for windows snapshot releases.

Also note that these instructions apply to building from source.
You can always get the latest supported release version from pypi_.

If you have a recent version of *pip*, you may use the latest development
version by issuing the following incantation

.. code-block:: sh

pip install git+git://


- Couchbase Server (
- libcouchbase_. version 2.4.7 or greater (Bundled in Windows installer)
- libcouchbase development files.
- Python development files
- A C compiler.


The following will compile the module locally; you can then test basic
functionality including running the examples.

.. code-block:: sh

python build_ext --inplace

If your libcouchbase install is in an alternate location (for example,
`/opt/local/libcouchbase`), you may add extra directives, like so

.. code-block:: sh

python build_ext --inplace \
--library-dir /opt/local/libcouchbase/lib \
--include-dir /opt/local/libcouchbase/include

Or you can modify the environment ``CFLAGS`` and ``LDFLAGS`` variables.

.. warning::

If you do not intend to install this module, ensure you set the
``PYTHONPATH`` environment variable to this directory before running
any scripts depending on it. Failing to do so may result in your script
running against an older version of this module (if installed), or
throwing an exception stating that the ``couchbase`` module could not
be found.

.. code-block:: sh

python install


Here's an example code snippet which sets a key and then reads it

.. code-block:: pycon

>>> from couchbase.bucket import Bucket
>>> c = Bucket('couchbase://localhost/default')
>>> c

>>> c.upsert("key", "value")
>>> res = c.get("key")
>>> res
>>> res.value

You can also use views

.. code-block:: pycon

>>> from couchbase.bucket import Bucket
>>> c = Bucket('couchbase://localhost/beer-sample')
>>> resultset = c.query("beer", "brewery_beers", limit=5)
>>> resultset
>>> for row in resultset: print row.key
[u'21st_amendment_brewery_cafe', u'21st_amendment_brewery_cafe-21a_ipa']
[u'21st_amendment_brewery_cafe', u'21st_amendment_brewery_cafe-563_stout']
[u'21st_amendment_brewery_cafe', u'21st_amendment_brewery_cafe-amendment_pale_ale']
[u'21st_amendment_brewery_cafe', u'21st_amendment_brewery_cafe-bitter_american']

Twisted API

The Python client now has support for the Twisted async network framework.
To use with Twisted, simply import ``txcouchbase.connection`` instead of

.. code-block:: python

from twisted.internet import reactor
from txcouchbase.bucket import Bucket

cb = Bucket('couchbase://localhost/default')
def on_upsert(ret):
print "Set key. Result", ret

def on_get(ret):
print "Got key. Result", ret

cb.upsert("key", "value").addCallback(on_upsert)

# Output:
# Set key. Result OperationResult
# Got key. Result ValueResult

The ``txcouchbase`` API is identical to the ``couchbase`` API, except that where
the synchronous API will block until it receives a result, the async API will
return a `Deferred` which will be called later with the result or an appropriate

GEvent API

.. code-block:: python

from gcouchbase.bucket import Bucket

conn = Bucket('couchbase://localhost/default')
print conn.upsert("foo", "bar")
print conn.get("foo")

The API functions exactly like the normal Bucket API, except that the
implementation is significantly different.


`PyPy `_ is an alternative high performance Python
implementation. Since PyPy does not work well with C extension modules,
this module will not work directly. You may refer to the alternate
implementation based on the *cffi* module:

Other Examples

There are other examples in the `examples` directory. To run them from the
source tree, do something like

.. code-block:: sh

PYTHONPATH=$PWD ./examples/ -U couchbase://localhost/default

Building documentation

The documentation is using Sphinx and also needs the numpydoc Sphinx extension.
To build the documentation, go into the `docs` directory and run

.. code-block:: sh

make html

The HTML output can be found in `docs/build/html/`.


For running the tests, you need the standard `unittest` module, shipped
with Python. Additionally, the `testresources` package is required.

To run them, use either `py.test`, `unittest` or `trial`.

The tests need a running Couchbase instance. For this, a `tests.ini`
file must be present, containing various connection parameters.
An example of this file may be found in `tests.ini.sample`.
You may copy this file to `tests.ini` and modify the values as needed.

The simplest way to run the tests is to declare a `bucket_prefix` in
the `tests.ini` file and run the `` script to create
them for you.

.. code-block:: sh


To run the tests::



If you found an issue, please file it in our JIRA_. You may also ask in the
`#libcouchbase` IRC channel at freenode_. (which is where the author(s)
of this module may be found).


The Couchbase Python SDK is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

.. _Couchbase:
.. _libcouchbase:
.. _JIRA:
.. _freenode:
.. _pypi: