A python based remote execution server

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A python based Remote Execution Agent. A nice lightweight agent that can be used with nagios.

This was written as a lightweight python version of the NRPE agent.

Description of each file below:


This configuration file specifies which port an agent is listening for a given hostname. IP of said hostname can also be provided if using a monitoring tool that connects via IP instead (e.g. nagios). Specifying IP will not affect the agent operation.


Basic init script that has been written to be as cross-OS as possible.


Core python agent


A password file which contains the commands the agent is allowed to run.


This is a client written for nagios (but could be used for others) to grab the results of the remote call.

(C) 2014, Leigh Maddock, awesomesourcesoftware@gmail.com Please see https://github.com/leighmaddock/Monitor-Agent/LICENSE for license informati on