The best admin interface framework for Flask. With scaffolding for MongoEngine, Django and SQLAlchemy.

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Flask-Superadmin is the **best** admin interface framework for `Flask `_. As good as Django admin.

Batteries included:

* Admin interface
* **Scaffolding for MongoEngine, Django and SQLAlchemy**
* File administrator (optional)


* `Flask`_
* `WTForms `_

Admin interface

Influenced heavily by the Django admin, **provides easy create/edit/delete functionality** for your
project's models (MongoEngine, Django or SQLAlchemy).

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This is library for building adminstrative interface on top of Flask framework.

Instead of providing simple scaffolding for SQLAlchemy, MongoEngine or Django models, Flask-SuperAdmin
provides tools that can be used to build adminstrative interface of any complexity,
using consistent look and feel.

Small example (Flask initialization omitted)::

from flask.ext.superadmin import Admin, model

app = Flask(__name__)
admin = Admin(app)

# For SQLAlchemy (User is a SQLAlchemy Model/Table)
admin.register(User, session=db.session)

# For MongoEngine Documents (User is a MongoEngine Document)

# For Django Models (User is a Django Model)

# Adding a custom view
admin.add_view(CustomView(name='Photos', category='Cats'))



For installing you have to do::

pip install Flask-SuperAdmin


python install


Library comes with a lot of examples, you can find them in `examples `_ directory.

- `MongoEngine `_
- `SQLAlchemy `_
- `Django `_
- `Flask-Login integration `_


Flask-SuperAdmin is extensively documented, you can find `documentation here `_.

3rd Party Stuff

Flask-SuperAdmin is built with help of `Twitter Bootstrap `_, `Chosen `_, and `jQuery `_.


This library is a supervitamined fork of the `Flask-Admin `_ package by Serge S. Koval.